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Ed Drozda

You hit the nail on the head Daniel. Yes, yes and yes. Leader, innovator, follower- it all depends on the situation wouldn't you say? I have observed people in each of these roles. I tend to view those in the follower role with the greatest amount of caution but unless they are married to that role I would not consider them stuck. Those who are leaders and/or innovators are regularly assessing the impact and are making the best of teamwork.

Ed Drozda

It's true Bill; the implementation phase is the weak link. But most important of all is taking the time to apply some thought to the idea of teamwork. Adopting the concept because it sounds like the right thing to do is rarely going to get the job done.

Daniel Stoica

Provoking question!

As a solopreneur consultant I find myself working in groups with clients and teamwork is sometimes a must.

Am I a leader, an innovator or a follower?

Yes, yes, and yes!

The very dynamics of teamwork require that I lead, innovate, and follow.

Ed, do you find that professionals find themselves stuck in one or oscillating between two of these roles?

Bill Lippincott

Ahhhh Teamwork. That overused but rarely known quality or well executed form of managing, that groups require to accomplish a goal over time. From my corporate days to now when I help small business or individuals teamwork is sooooo easy to understand but difficult to do a great job at over time. Great thoughts Ed. Bill Lippincott

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